The world of Osiris and Isis

This is where you can find the most important information and news about Osiris and Isis, the incarnated gods from ancient Egypt. The fact that you’re visiting our website is no coincidence, because we do not believe in coincidences.

We know that many souls from our past lives also have incarnations here on earth and are accompanying us for this important event. We also know that sooner or later these people will enter our lives to join us to complete that which has been planned and prepared for thousands of years.

Although we are the reincarnations of Osiris and Isis, this doesn’t mean that we were born on Earth as gods with the superpowers needed to conjure away humanity’s problems. We came into the world as humans to gain human experience and to learn from humans. The one thing given to us from birth was our deep spirituality and the memory that we had already lived many lives on Earth, including lives as gods in ancient Egypt. We also knew that we did not come here alone and that one day a very important task awaited us. This task would be revealed to us when the time was right.

We knew of each other from birth, despite not yet meeting in person in this lifetime. Love has guided us through this life, and we knew deep in our hearts that the other existed and that they were also searching for us. Isis often told me that she always knew that I existed somewhere in this world and that she never gave up searching for me in her heart. I also had this same feeling and knew that one day we would find each other again.

We are both dual souls and twin flames, something that’s very rare.

Thanks to our telepathic and spiritual connection, we were able to find each other again amongst 7 billion other people. As human beings, we naturally have to struggle each day with the various challenges of everyday life, just like anyone else. While in some respects we are many thousands of years ahead of most people, in return, we have had to face much greater difficulties and problems than many other humans.

We came to Earth as your brothers and sisters and are working to prepare all humans for what awaits us and to guide us on the right path. We are glad to have the opportunity to share our stories and experiences made during our lives as humans while on this path, as our history is written in blood and heavy sacrifice. It’s almost something of a miracle that we have even made it this far, and that you are here, reading this text at all.

Much of the information and things we will share with you are ahead of our time and not always easy to accept or even comprehend. We therefore urge you to always look at things with your heart and not with your mind. For only when you look with a pure heart will you see the real truth and the right path. For us, it’s not just about the information we want to share with you, but the energy we activate in you through passing on this information. We are all energetic beings, and nothing influences us as much as the energies we surround ourselves with or those which we consciously perceive and take into our hearts.

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