Call for donations

If you would like to support us, Osiris and Isis, on our mission, we would greatly appreciate it at this time. The fact that we have made it this far in the face of all opposition from dark powers, and that you are able to perceive our information and energies in this way, really borders on the miraculous.

But the miracles are far from over. I am already working on a book in which I will publish the greatest revelation of humanity. What we really intend to do has never been achieved by any human being in the history of mankind. Through it, we will also usher in a new age.

In order to reach the end of our path, we need financial resources. The fact is, one day, there will come a time when financial means will no longer play a role in our reality as we know it today, because otherwise we would not be Osiris and Isis. But until that time comes, we are grateful for any support and promise to return the favour one day by personally thanking you.

Seen in this way, you are not only investing in us here, but in the future of humanity. You are personally supporting Osiris and Isis on their divine path, which was predestined by the creators of this planet.