Help we offer

As Osiris & Isis we protect your soul.

We will not always be able to offer assistance as “oracles” that provide our special divine abilities and talents to other people. This is because we must follow our own destiny.

For us, one thing is certain: we are not here to build up a business, a shop or anything similar. We are here because it is meant to be, and at this time we are doing what is necessary to follow our path and our destiny, and that includes survival. There came a time when we made a conscious decision to give up our day-to-day work and business to follow our destiny fully. This includes this site, through which we can offer our services as oracles, fortune tellers and healers to other people for a certain time.

We are the chosen ones sent back to Earth by the Creator to prepare humanity for the most important events in human history and to thus usher in the Golden Age. We are messengers, teachers, guides and healers, for this is our true destiny, where we find our fulfilment.

The aim is to bring the right people into our lives, those who understand the big picture and want to support us on this path. We also want to develop ourselves by putting our skills to the test. This is something best done by helping those in need of our abilities.

It is important that people recognise their true power and activate it; the goal is that people awaken and recognise the truth themselves. No one will do it for them if they do not decide to do it themselves of their own free will and with a pure heart. We only remind people of what they have forgotten, we remind them of what being human really means. In doing so, we also make it quite clear that people do not have much time left.

Here in our oracle, you will receive our help…