Galactic Ambassadors

As Osiris & Isis, the oldest incarnated souls on Earth, we have been elected by the galactic community, which includes many alien races, to be the first ambassadors for the human race.

As the first ambassadors for the human race, we represent humanity in all galactic affairs with interstellar and galactic beings, i.e., extraterrestrials who interact with Earth. We represent the human race as it lives on Earth and thus act as the first voice of the human race.

One of our main tasks is to establish diplomatic relations with extraterrestrials who intend to interact directly with humanity. This means that we provide the opportunity for first contact between the aliens and the human race and ensure that the interests of both parties are safeguarded.

First contact of an alien race with the human race is only possible on the basis of a direct invitation from the ambassadors Osiris & Isis. This is important to prevent cases of negative contact and manipulation. As human civilisation is still in the process of ascension and inexperienced in interacting with extraterrestrials, humanity needs special support and consideration.

Our main focus is to build a spiritual and energetically clean foundation with extraterrestrials, enabling a long-term galactic relationship and a first contact between extraterrestrials and humanity.

As galactic ambassadors, we are the first voice of all humanity and represent the interests of the human race on the spiritual and physical interstellar plane throughout the universe. This is vital in the formation of a basis for a peaceful and long-term relationship and friendship.

The galactic community includes many alien races that have a direct interest in Earth and the human race. Currently, we know that there are about 10 different alien races around the Earth, each pursuing their own interests.

These interests must never violate the moral values and interests of the human race, which is where Earth’s galactic protocols come into effect.

These protocols regulate clean and neutral interaction and communication between extraterrestrial civilisations and humanity.

In the same way, the human race is sworn never to harm or abuse the interests and values of other galactic beings and civilisations, something that is also detailed in the galactic protocols.

As the first Galactic Ambassadors, we are not subject to any religions, governments, corporations or organisations, or Galactic powers and beings. We follow our calling as spiritual human beings alone, as inhabitants of Earth and incarnations of Osiris & Isis sent to Earth by God, the Creator of all human beings. As spiritual masters in the 6th dimension, we are aware of these important tasks and vow to represent them according to the ethical and moral values of the spiritual human race.

Interaction with extraterrestrial civilisations is primarily intended to assist the human race on its spiritual path. All political, economic, religious and military aspects that form the basic structure of human civilisations are completely excluded.

This is because only the spiritual path of the human race has been given to each human being directly by God through his free will and can therefore not be blocked, manipulated or prevented by any mechanism of control.

Just as extraterrestrial civilisations are only interested in the voice and free will of the human race, so we, the first ambassadors of the human race, are also strongly interested in representing this free voice and the pure free will of humanity. Therefore, all other political, religious, economic as well as military aspects cannot and will not have a voice here.

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