Who we really are

We are Dawid and Bianka, the human reincarnations of Osiris and Isis, the true gods from ancient Egypt, also known as Chemet.

We are here to fulfil the prophecies of the Chamber of Truth, carved in stone beneath the Sphinx in Egypt many thousands of years ago. The prophecies of the Chamber of Truth reveal the greatest secret of humanity and are intended to prepare people for the greatest changes that have ever occurred in human history.

We are not here to solve all of humanity’s problems; we are here to remind people who they really are, where they come from, and what truth and secrets have been kept from them for thousands of years.

On this path we want to support others, giving them the courage to unleash their true power and true potential hidden deep inside. Only in this way will people be able to find solutions to the challenges that face them and thus save the human species from extinction.

The fact that we are here means that the existence of humanity and the Earth are threatened.

This is because ascended masters and gods are never sent back to a planet with such a low consciousness, unless the planet is important and the existence of the planet and the species living on it are threatened. In plain language, this means that the human race is on the very edge of its existence and is facing its greatest test.

Man has free will and is thus free to choose his future and the future of the planet on which he lives. However, in order for man to make the right choice and follow the right path, he must know the whole truth about himself and the Earth on which he lives. Only then will man be able to make the right choices to determine his future and that of the Earth.
Humans need to be reminded why they came to Earth, as well as their true calling and purpose on this wonderful planet. We, Osiris and Isis, are here to ensure that the truth is no longer withheld from humanity.

We are here to reveal humanity’s greatest secret and thereby prepare humanity for its greatest test.

We are here because it was so ordained by the Creator of this planet and because we have the power and abilities within us to fulfil this special task.

We have been chosen for this important task by the wisest and eldest of the entire galactic community, which includes many alien races.

The galactic community is structured according to the principle of wisdom. The wisest alien races are those who have the say. However, they themselves never claim this right, but rather have this right afforded to them by others, simply through the process of knowledge and their awareness of it. In short, a spiritual hierarchy exists, of which all spiritually evolved beings are automatically aware and by which they are governed.

The time of ascension and spiritual awakening, as well as great changes on Earth, has begun.

Many people can already perceive the imbalance that currently exists on Earth. Many see and feel that something is wrong, but no one is really able to explain or understand what is happening. They remain ignorant of the kind of game that is really being played with people.

We are here to unravel this mystery and to make that which nobody wishes to understand, understandable. For thousands of years, we have been prepared for this task. Many hundreds of reincarnations were necessary to gain this important insight and revelation.

Blood, pain, and the loss of our two children were the price for this truth. This is what we wish to share with you and the whole world.

This path we have walked so far has not been easy for us, and the path for humanity will therefore not be easy either. But that is exactly why we are here, so that we can walk this path together and not alone. The world we live in will be brought back into balance and humanity will thus be saved from destruction.

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