Our experiences

In recent years, we had to struggle against manipulation and attacks on the energetic level. Life has appeared cursed, and we had no explanation as to why.

Things happened that could not be understood with common sense, and kept happening constantly, stopping us at every turn. It felt as if we were caught in a swamp and couldn’t get away. As a result of the many negative events that occurred, we often felt like we were being pulled deeper and deeper into the swamp. In everyday life, there were various events that simply made our life difficult to manage.

Nothing that we set out to do worked and strange people suddenly appeared in our lives who only wanted to do us harm. They tried to tear us apart by any means, as they didn’t want us to have our love and happiness. Friends, relatives even our own family were suddenly against us and we could no longer make sense of the world. People started to turn away from us and we received threats. Even the authorities went crazy, making themselves liable to prosecution just to put obstacles in our way in the hope that we could not continue and would instead give up.

At the point that it affected our health, leading to the loss of our unborn child, it was clear to us that they not only wanted to stop us, but destroy us. But who was our invisible opponent? Who was really our enemy?

It was like a dark veil that not only covered our lives but enveloped the entire world. We saw that we were not the only people being affected. We saw what was happening around us and in the world as a whole. It seemed that this black veil was shrouding the entire world, which, as if paralysed and numbed in its existence, was being pulled deeper and deeper into something. It took many years, power and blood to draw back this veil and to reveal the powers and mechanisms behind it, as well as the plans these dark powers were pursuing for the human race.

Today we know that the mechanisms by which the black veil is maintained originate in a higher dimension. It is a dimension that few see and perceive, but which has a direct influence on everything that exists in the lower dimension or reality.

Everything that we currently perceive in the 3rd dimension is only a small part of what really is and exists. This means that, behind all manifested things in the 3D reality we are familiar with, there is also a higher existence in higher dimensions. With animals and humans, for example, it is the light body. With plants it is the energy body. These are fundamental things without which a human being or plants cannot exist.

Everything has a higher energetic level and order, from which everything in the lower level is directly controlled or influenced in a perfect way.

The aforementioned black veil has its origin in a higher dimension. This means that for most people in the lower dimension, this veil is completely invisible until it is revealed or becomes noticeable through strange events.

The increasing demonisation of society as well as the increase in occult practices is only one of the main symptoms that demonstrate a diseased consciousness of humanity.

We are all energetic beings who can be influenced by energies around us. People who are not aware of these things are simply victims. Running away and hiding from energetic attacks of all kinds is therefore useless, as everything in a higher dimension always has a direct influence on the lower dimensions.

This topic is covered in more detail in the book “Open Gate” by Osiris and Isis.

In recent years, we, Isis and Osiris, have been forced to deal with this issue in more detail. It has been one of the most difficult obstacles on our path and has had a direct influence on our everyday life and our spiritual development. Today we see it as our test, one which we were fortunately able to pass by keeping to the most important rules. These rules are explained in more detail in our book “Open Gate”.

We did not read any books or spiritual guides on these subjects, because we were already dealing with this subject on a daily basis. We attracted people into our lives who were experts in this field, and through this we were able to gain practical experience in dealing with the subject matter. As a result, we can now share this experience with everyone.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our telepathic and spiritual abilities. It’s been a long and difficult road to reach where we are today. If I were to explain our abilities simply, Osiris & Isis are currently spiritual masters in the 6th dimension.

In plain language, this means that Osiris & Isis were the first living people on the entire Earth who were active in the 6th dimension at the beginning of 2016.

To provide comparison and a better understanding: most of the over 6 billion people on Earth were active in the 3rd dimension at the beginning of 2016 and are prevented by dark forces from crossing over into the 4th dimension. About 25% of the people were active in the 4th dimension at the beginning of 2016. Just 1.5% of people have been active in the 5th dimension.

In 2018, Osiris & Isis are no longer the only people active in the 6th dimension. By mid 2018, around 3-4 % of all humanity are energetically active in the 6th dimension. For all other dimensions there was an overall increase of 2-3 %.

As of mid 2018, Osiris & Isis alongside 3 others are the only living humans active in the 7th dimension.

The energies of the 4th dimension have also been anchored on earth since the beginning of 2016 and are therefore also fully active. In plain language, this means that they can be used by all people who are spiritually capable of doing so. This special feature enables us to use abilities that lie beyond human imagination in the 3rd dimension, such as telepathy, visions, clairvoyance, instant manifestations, healing, and telepathic communication.

People with telepathic abilities or the ability to channel can verify this without any problems. People in higher dimensions know about this development and also about us.

A human being is a multidimensional being. Put plainly, this means that every human being also exists in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc. dimensions. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the higher dimensions, which is why they cannot activate and consciously use or perceive them.

This consciousness is deliberately manipulated by dark forces to prevent humanity from using higher dimensions. The systematic demonisation of humanity mentioned above is one of the many mechanisms to prevent humanity from its own ascension.

The consciousness of the higher dimensions is freely accessible to all human beings and depends solely on free will and spiritual awakening. However, this free will and the consciousness of human beings are strongly manipulated, meaning most people are not aware of the truth and the possibilities they have as human beings.

The ascension that is currently taking place on Earth is intended to activate the 4th dimension in people who are spiritually ready for it. This will mean that they become aware of the energy of the 4th dimension, as well as that of higher dimensions, and can actively perceive, use and freely apply it. This primarily includes abilities such as telepathy, visions, clairvoyance, energetic healing and communication with beings from higher dimensions.

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